Monday, September 15, 2014

One Month Out and An Empty Fridge

I can't believe that my month mark is already hear! It is crazy how fast the time flies out here. It is so fun to finally start to adjust to my area. I can now navigate around pretty well, and am starting to understand which streets lead to where I need to go. This week the weather finally turned cooler! It has been so fun to ride our bikes in 75 degree weather instead of 100 degree weather:) I also want to say thank you for the wonderful package with my hoodie! It made my whole week:) Also I loved the package full of all of the letters from the brothers. Sounds like everyone is doing well and having a wonderful time in school. Also tell the Lloyds I enjoyed there package and letters.

This week has been a good week. I starting to realize that becoming the missionary the Lord wants me to come is going to take a lot of work! We had this District leader meeting, where we talked a lot about striving to become a better missionary. We also talked about over coming the things in our lives that keep us from being a consecrated missionary. I left the meeting determined to work on the things that were holding me back from reaching my true potential. This week I also got to go on an exchange with elder Stewart. He has been out 10 months and is an awesome missionary. He came to my area, and for the second time I have the privilege to show him around are area. On our exchange we biked a tone! We went around and tried to visit all of these potential investigators, but we did not have very much success. We then tried to go to these apartments over in Haltom, but again no one was home. Following that we decided to go and try to contact a referral we had received from the Spanish elders. It was a really long bike ride, but when we finally go there she was home!:) She is a really nice lady named Cay. She really likes to talk, and we even got to teach her the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. We then asked her if she would read the introduction and 3 Nephi 11 when the savior comes. It went really good, and I am excited to teach her more. When we got home from Cay's house we calculated it and we had rode around 12 miles!:) The following morning we meet with an investigator we had meet while contacting a week ago. His name is Lloyd. He is really in to family history so we brought him to the family history center. He was pretty excited and we signed him up for Following that we got back together with are normal companions.

This week we also got to go on some awesome ward member exchanges. Our first one was with this really cool returned missionary named Josh. With him we went and taught the Peralta family (this is the family with the cute little girl I had the chance to baptize) and we showed a little movie about the restoration and Joseph Smith. It was really good, and we are hoping the father of the family felt the spirit so he will hopefully come back to church! Also with Josh we went and say Cay, she is the lady I was talking about earlier. Her car was having some problems, so she was in the middle of trying to buy a part for it. We didn't get to teach her a lesson, but we did ask her how her Book of Mormon reading was going. She said she had read the chapters we gave her and that she had prayed to know its true. She said the answer she got was that she needed to keep reading. The next exchange this week was with Brother Yule. He is the wife of the primary president and is a great guy. With him we went and say the Websters. They are one of my favorite families, but this week they got really offended by a situation with some of the members. They were pretty frustrated, but we visited with them and helped them feel a little better about the situation. We also went and saw this really nice young couple whose names are Adam and Gabby. We have been trying to see them for a month now, and they finally answered:)They told us that life had been pretty crazy lately, but that we could come by next Friday. We are pretty excited to go and teach them. 

This Sunday we had a wonderful sacrament meeting. This really nice younger couple named the Atkinson's gave talks. The wife told her conversions story. It was pretty powerful and strengthen my testimony of the truth of this wonderful church! Brother Atkinson talked about being a true disciple of Christ and how we need to be praying, reading the scriptures and going to church. It was simple, yet powerful. The cool thing about Bro Atkinson is that he served his mission in Taiwan just like you dad! It was fun to talk to him about it. We also got to go to this really cool family for dinner named the Morris family. They had this crazy dog that would jump all over you! It got hair all over my suit pants:) They feed us this Guatemalan soup dish that was really yummy. We also had some amazing Blue Bell ice cream! It was sooooo good:)

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week! I love you all and pray for you ever night. Thank you again for all of your support and love.


Elder Griffin

Also here is a funny little picture we took of me sitting in front of our sad little empty fridge the day before we went shopping:) ha ha      

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