Monday, September 8, 2014

Dal's First Baptism!

 Yetzel's Baptism
First haircut in the field…Elder Partridge took the clippers to Dal's hair.

He said, "Super short, but it'll be nice in this Texas heat!" 

Hello greatest family in all the world! Well since I emailed kind of late last week, I don't have too much to say but there are some events I would love to share. First off, we got to go and teach Tracy this Friday. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. There were a lot of new ideas and I think it might have been a little overwhelming. but I think she is still doing great! We left her with the commitment to ask God for forgiveness of her sins in order to help her get prepared for her baptism:) Also this week I had the chance to baptize his sweet little 8 year old girl named Yetzel. She comes from a less-active home. The whole time before her baptism she was super nervous and anxious, she couldn't seat still. Then when I went to baptize her, her big toe popped out of the water:) So we had to do it one more time. After she got out of the water she was sooooo happy:) She was bouncing around and wouldn't stop giving me and elder Partridge hugs. I love their family and am very happy for Yetzel. Also this Saturday night it was raining and elder Partridge got a stomach ache so we couldn't go out and teach. So during that time I went into super cleaning mode and made our apartment spotless! It was so fun to finally have a clean apartment! It made it easier for the spirit to be in our apartment. We were also able o focus on our studies more. This Sunday night after church and dinner with a wonderful ward family named the Hills we went out contacting. We didn't' have much success until we were on our way home. We meet this guy named James. He was very open, and even accepted a Book of Mormon. He said he was looking for a church to go too, and wanted one that had it's services on Saturday. It was kind of interesting, but I can see him becoming a great member of our church! We also ran into a guy named Nick, who was giving out cards from his church that said "What does God owe you?" It was quite a silly idea, but we listened to him and respected what he had to say. He then asked us what church we were from and what we believed. Elder partridge told him about the restoration of our church and how we believe that we are Christ's true church on the earth today. At first he was kind of bashing our church, and he wouldn't accepted the Book of Mormon, but as we continued o talk with him he became more soft hearted. In the end he accepted a Book of Mormon and I left him with Moroni's challenge:) I love you all and I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing so well! Thanks for your prayers and for being the most amazing family in the whole world!


Elder Griffin

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