Thursday, September 4, 2014

Got a little lost and pantry is stocked:)

 That's my boy doing his duty with a heart full of song!
 Elder Partridge…will burn a shirt tonight to celebrate his year mark:)
  Dal's first flat tire, hung it on the wall as a momento of many more to come.
 Wow, he made his bed-good boy
The banana is a promising sign that he is buying some fruit:P
Email #2 From Texas…a little late, but just as sweet!

We weren't able to email until today, but I did send a letter your way that talks all about my second week in Texas:) I do have a couple things I would like to share. First off I had a good experience on an exchange this week. I was put with another greenie in my own area! At first a was super nervous, because I haven't been in this area for too long, and don't quite know my way around yet. It did end up being a great exchange and left me with more confidence and a desire to become a better missionary. On the exchange we were able to go and participate in a zone service project at a members house. We had to dig all of these trenches for piping in like 100 degree weather!:) It was hard work, but we had a good time and I got to bound a little better with all of the elders in my zone. Following the service project we went and visited the Peraltas and I gave there little girls each a CTR ring that you gave me:) They loved them, and we talked about using them as a missionary tool at there schools. Following the visit with the Peraltas, we headed home for dinner, but due to me not knowing the area too well we got lost for 15 minutes try to find the certain road:) It was quite the adventure, but eventually we made it home. After a quick dinner, we went to the Websters. They are the nicest, funniest family. We had the chance to them the commandments. The lesson went really well, and the spirit was strong. That night, we exchanged back to our original companions. After we exchanged back we had a wonderful surprise occur. We went to the church to get dinner from a member and instead ended up getting much more! She gave us tones of boxes of cereal, chips, drinks, treats, granola bars, chili, and frozen dinner stuff. It was so fun to fill our pantry with all of this yummy food:)

Today is quite the exciting day, it's elder Partridges year mark! He got this really fun package from his mom. It had shoes, a new watch, a hoodie, shorts and lots of treats. It was quite the joyous occasion!:) Also, as missionary tradition we will be burning one of his white shirts:) It was fun to hear him talk about how far he has come, and to recognize that I still have so much to learn:)

Thank you so much for all of the fun pictures, treats and letters. I love to hear how everyone's life Is going in the wonderful city of Lehi. I'm so glad that Landon finally got a job!! That is truly good news:) I also loved the story about Duncan's Kindergarten friends. Dad, the Chick-Fila gift cards were great! We went today for lunch and it brought back so many good memories:) Also Mom, thank you for the shoe polish! It is very much needed. Being on a bike all the time has made my shoes pretty scuffed up:) Well I love you all, and hope your week is going great!


Elder griffin

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